Brexit deal latest: Backlash as government refuses to publish full legal advice on agreement

The government has become embroiled in a fresh row over the publication of the full legal advice given on the Brexit deal.

Downing Street has said it will only be releasing a “full reasoned position statement” laying its out political and legal position on the Withdrawal Agreement.

The move has infuriated Labour Party and Tory Brexiteer MPs, who have demanded that the full text be published.

Conservative MP Peter Bone claimed not releasing details of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox’s full legal advice was “dangerous”.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “People will naturally think the legal advice doesn’t support their case and that’s why they don’t want to publish it.

“It’s a very dangerous precedent for the executive to defy parliament.

“Maybe they’re trying to delay publishing it until after the vote but that would be an outrage.”

Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer said the situation was completely unacceptable and added Labour would use every parliamentary mechanism available to challenge it.

He is pressing ministers to comply with a binding Commons vote to publish the legal advice after ministers dropped their opposition to the motion to avoid a damaging defeat.

He said: “At this crucial stage parliament must be given the necessary information to know precisely what has been agreed to and what it is being asked to vote on.

“Labour and parliament will accept nothing short of the full legal advice presented to cabinet.

“A legal summary is clearly not sufficient and will not comply with the unanimous decision made by the House of Commons.”