British Politician: Elites Want Unlimited Migration to Create Third World West

We’ve already seen an early step involving language manipulation, with illegal aliens euphemistically rebranded “undocumented workers.”  But the larger goal, if British politician Janice Atkinson is correct, is to remake the West through massive Third World migration.

Atkinson, an independent member of the European Parliament for South East England, is warning about the Global Compact for Migration” (GCM), a little known United Nations scheme. As she wrote in a recent Voice of Europe piece:

The ‘Global Compact for Migration’, in the works since April 2017, is a rather hushed up plan to move large numbers of people from the third world to countries with a strong, sustainable economy.

In other words, the United Nations along with all the countries who have signed up to this plan want to move large numbers of people from Africa, the Middle East and Central America into Europe, North America and East Asia.

The key aspects of the plan reveal that illegal immigration will in future no longer be treated as a crime:

‘…protect the safety, dignity and human rights and fundamental freedoms of all migrants, regardless of their migratory status, and at all times…’

They also reveal that the United Nations wants regular migration, over an indefinite period:

‘…the development of a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration…’

And the plan also outlines what they see as the need for steps towards a world government:

‘…make an important contribution to global governance and enhance coordination on international migration…’

In fairness, Atkinson’s quoted lines don’t explicitly state that illegal migration would be “decriminalized.” Yet reading between the lines isn’t hard given how immigrationists have so often tipped their hand.

Earlier this year, for instance, socialist French president Emmanuel Macron said that “‘bombshell’ population growth in Africa means Europe is entering an ‘unprecedented’ age of mass migration … asserting that the two continents’ destinies are ‘bound,’ reportedBreitbart.

Most shockingly, Macron cited an “Africa expert” who’d said, approvingly, that the number of Africans living in Europe will rise from nine million today to between 150 million and 200 million during the next three decades.