EU Confirms Funding for Migrants Massed at Bosnia Border, Locals Say Crime Rife

As the EU confirmed it was spending taxpayers’ cash on migrants seeking to break into the bloc, Bosnians have pleaded for the Balkans migration route to be shut down amidst increasing “militancy” from newcomers.

Authorities in border towns in Bosnia, which is outside the European Union, have been struggling to cope with increasingly bold and forceful attempts to push through police lines and onto EU soil since mid-October, when thousands of third world immigrants began camping near the border with EU member Croatia — reportedly following misinformation that Croatia was set to open its frontiers.

In the border town of Bihac, Mayor Suhret Fazlic said the 3,000 or so migrants currently living in the area nearby were presenting a major problem for the city with “militant behaviour” and committing hundreds of criminal offences.

“First of all, it is necessary to immediately stop the arrival of new migrants,” he toldEuronews this week, adding that he believes that residents of Bihac should receive “some kind of compensation for the damage caused” by the influx of newcomers to the area.

On Thursday, the EU Commission announced it would be spending an additional €500,000 of taxpayers’ money on “humanitarian assistance” to third world migrants camping in the Balkans with the intention of illegally crossing into the bloc.