Turkish mosques in the Netherlands want to silence Wilders and want his Twitter account to be removed

A foundation for the 144 Turkish mosques in the Netherlands is demanding that Twitter removes the account of PVV leader Geert Wilders.

The Turkish-Islamic Cultural Federation (TICF) considers many of Wilders’ statements to be contrary to Twitter’s terms of use.

If Twitter does not bow to their demands, and block the populist politician’s account, the foundation will take Twitter to court, lawyer Ejder Kose tells newspaper AD.

They plan to file charges against Twitter in four Islamic countries, Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia. Many of the things Wilders has said are punishable in those countries, Kose said.

“Twitter offers Wilders a platform to spread his hatred propaganda worldwide. This means that not only Wilders, but also Twitter, is punishable in those countries. The world is bigger than the Netherlands”, the lawyer said.

Kose referenced a September 2017 tweet posted by Wilders that said: “The truth: Mohammed is the example for more than 1 billion Muslims. Mohammed was a pedophile, mass murderer, terrorist and madman.”

The Turkish directorate for religious affairs with whom TICF is affiliated filed charges against Wilders for a video also posted on Twitter. The video says Islam equals discrimination, violence and terror, among other things. It ends with ‘Islam is death’, with blood dripping from the letters.

The Public Prosecutor did not prosecute Wilders for the video. “My client, the TICF, found that incomprehensible. We therefore started looking for other ways to stop Wilders.

If it does not work through criminal law, we’ll try civil law”, Kose said to AD. “Wilders has lost it, hurts Muslims structurally and legitimises violence. He regularly crosses the line of what should be allowed.”

Wilders replied on the lawyer’s statements via a private message. “I never incited violence, I condemn violence, it’s very vicious of that lawyer to conclude that, as there’s zero evidence for it,” Wilders says.

The question would remain that in such a situation; Geert’s comments on Twitter, including the video, though illegal in the four countries mentioned by Kose, they are not illegal in the Netherlands. Nor is Twitter based in any of those countries, therefore the laws in the four Islamic countries would seem irrelevant.

In response to the TICF’s intention on Twitter, Geert simply wrote, “Madness”.

Yet Geert is not waning in popularity, the contrary: ‘‘Despite all the hatred and opposition, I have the support of the Dutch people. That’s the only thing that matters!’’ Wilders said as polls in September revealed that 40% of all Dutchmen – millions of people – support the law he proposed in the Dutch Parliament to ban Islam from public spaces.