What Consumers Really Should Know About Microwave & Smart Technologies Before It’s Too Late

By Catherine J. Frompovich

For those who are ambivalent about microwave and “smart” technologies, or truly are addicted and can’t live without them, I’d like to introduce you to two important works written by an MD who understands fully what’s going on and the ‘games’ being played by vested interest groups for the control and implementation of a “new world order” based in illogical consensus science rather than actual hard-core scientific principles.

The Doctor is Cindy Russell, a plastic surgeon who treats breast cancer patients; is Vice President of Community Health for the Santa Clara County Medical Association; and is Executive Director of Physicians for Safe Technology.

Dr. Russell created the following works, which I deliberately will not parse because I absolutely believe it is critical for readers to digest what she says and ultimately “drives home.” I would not want to detract from her excellent dissertations regarding:

A 5G Wireless Future: Will it give us a Smart Nation or Contribute to an Unhealthy One?

26 pages jam-packed with 139 References; New Recommendations to Protect Public Health; and her overview of the issues involved.

Wireless Silent Spring

27 pages equally overflowing with citations and references that equate the current electromagnetics, microwaves, radiofrequencies and other man-made EMF spectrums with the ecological and human health problems author Rachel Carson pointed out regarding chemicals in her famous 1962 book, Silent Spring. Fifty-six years later it seems consumers have fallen in love with, and become addicted to, a technology they probably will wish they could have abandoned.

“And it’s not just pigeons— have you seen any sparrows or parrots around, since these towers started springing up?” K. Pazhaniappan, Secretary, New Madras Racing Pigeon Association.

Personally, I cringe when I see men wearing live cell phones or other communication devices tethered to their trousers’ belts wrapped around their waist, all the time constantly sending DNA-damaging EMFs/RFs into their inner organs, especially targeting their testicles.

Another huge NO-NO for men is when they carry their live cell phones or iPhones inside their shirt pockets next to their heart and lungs! Even if they never smoked tobacco, they probably will wind up with some form of lung cancer and heart disease.

Nothing prompts me more about approaching a young woman than when I see a live cell phone parked inside her bra to tell her what she’s doing to her “tatas” [1], i.e., “cooking” them! However, I don’t because they’d think me “off the wall.”

If we didn’t take Rachel Carson’s work seriously and implement her admonitions, please consider Dr. Russell’s works as the “gold standard” regarding the hazards of 5G and all man-made electromagnetic frequencies constantly bathing us in an “Electrosmog” environment we have very little control over.