Why Should The US Protect The Illegal State Of Israel?

When Trump first announced his plan to withdraw from Syria we said that we wouldn’t be surprised if U.S. troops were still there in six months and increasingly it looks as if they will be. In large part this will be due to Israeli pressure.

Israel wants U.S. troops in Syria to oppose a build-up of Iranian forces in the country. Even though Iranian forces are in Syria at the invitation of President Assad, while U.S. forces are not. In fact Syria has demanded that U.S. forces leave.
That was last year and they are still in Syria and now Trump is going back on all his campaign promises. While running for president he vowed to drastically reduceAmerica’s military footprint overseas.

That obviously hasn’t happened and now he’s also going back on his pledge to see an “immediate and full withdrawal” of U.S. troops from Syria.
And note how Trump takes credit for clearing ISIS from Syria. When in fact it was largely due to Russian and Iranian efforts. America had been ostensibly waging war on ISIS since mid-2014 with little success.

The tide of war only really turned when Russian forces entered Syria in Sept 2015. Prior to that the U.S. had been waging a phoney war, bombing empty desert rather than its proxies in ISIS.

Trump: ‘We have to protect Israel,’ Shifting again on Syria withdrawal.

EDIT: Why does anyone want to protect such an heinous ILLEGAL regime like Israel? The Gaza killings of innocent civilians still goes on daily! Where is the outrage by the US and the UK public and the governments of both?

None existent!