Vaccine Damage and Tax Avoidance

I hope you are well and are prepared to do battle with the ‘enemy’.

The ‘enemy’ is within and without, we are surrounded by them but we must run our country with the consent of the British people.

Having said that, most of the country don’t really know what is going on around them, take tax avoidance for instance. They don’t know why large businesses in this country don’t pay a penny of tax when they themselves pay tax via p.a.y.e. And 20% vat.

They also don’t know why we see so many disabled, autistic people in our society everywhere we go. They don’t know that this is caused by VACCINE DAMAGE!

Young babies given five vaccines before they leave the maternity ward!

MMR vaccine IS causing autism!

Who would have known?

Maybe the pharmaceutical companies do not care what they inject into the population, they make profit – and no one is going to throw them in gaol for causing irreparable harm for the life of young infants.

This is ‘wasting’ a generation of our country and must be stopped!

Mostly the big pharma do not pay tax in Britain at all, yet they are damaging our children with their vaccines, it’s time they were made to pay tax or get out of the country and ban ALL vaccinations!

Double Taxation Treaties

Double taxation treaties aim to eliminate the double taxation of income arising in one territory and paid to residents of another. Over 3,000 of these treaties exist world-wide. The UK has double taxation treaties with more than 130 countries.

It is about time we scrapped all these treaties.

If a company wants to trade within the territory of Great Britain, then they must pay tax to HMRC and nowhere else!

If they don’t want to pay tax here, then they stop trading here and leave the country.

If told that in no uncertain terms, they would volunteer to pay tax to HMRC!

We definitely cannot go on the way we are!

Vaccine damage has to stop!