1st November General Election on the horizon?

by Westmonster

There is increasing talk of a General Election coming soon. Very soon in fact: 1st November.

But those in the government seem to be claiming that they would push back any election until after 31st October, when the Prime Minister has promised the UK will finally exit the European Union.

A source in Downing Street has told The Telegraph that: “We can’t stop them forcing an election but we control the timetable, so we will force the date after Oct 31st.

“If there must be a General Election, then it will be days after Oct 31st.”

The Spectator’s James Forsyth has also highlighted the date, saying: “The talk in Whitehall is that the election could be on the day after Brexit, 1st November, which would mean the UK would leave the EU during the election campaign.”

Whilst a third report in the Financial Times also gives credence to the idea of a General Election days after the UK is scheduled to leave the EU, with a government source also telling them that  any election “will be days after October 3”.

Prepare to go back to the ballot box…