84% of Boris supporters back proroguing Parliament to deliver No Deal Brexit

by Westmonster

New polling from YouGov shows that the vast majority of Conservative Party members support the suspension of Parliament if that’s what it takes to force through a No Deal Brexit. There are no excuses for the next Prime Minister.

With the Conservative leadership race now culminating, the latest YouGov poll for The Times has Boris Johnson way out in front in the contest on 74%, with Jeremy Hunt polling just 26% in their head-to-head.

90% of Tory members believe Boris will force through an EU exit on WTO terms if required, compared to only 27% who think that Jeremy Hunt would deliver.

When Conservative Party members are asked if it would be acceptable to prorogue Parliament to prevents MPs from stopping No Deal, 67% of them regard this as acceptable. That includes 84% of Boris Johnson supporters.

Less than a third (27%) of all Tory members view such a move as unacceptable.

Johnson has repeatedly talked up his promise to deliver Brexit on 31st October. The pressure is on: only 13% of Conservatives expect him to not have delivered by then. The clock is already ticking.