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Victoria’s ground-breaking energy metering system has turned into a bureaucratic nightmare for the Baillieu Government. Just over 6 minutes.

Activists Want Smart Meters Gone, Say They’re Bad for Health.

How Smart Meters Affect Your Body

22.18 mins.
Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C.

The first 10 min. are foundational information, then specific effects on humans are shown.
Here is the conversation I have with “experts”.
Expert: I’ve been studying this/ in radio/ have a degree/ for many years and I’m healthy/ never seen electromagnetic frequencies or radio-frequencies cause problems to anyone. Put a tin foil hat on your head.
Me: I’ve seen EMF’s and RF affect hundreds and most of them get better under my care.
Expert: The research proves I’m right
Me: Research funded by the industry proves you’re right but independent research proves I’m right at a ratio of 70/30. It comes down to INDIVIDUALS who suffer from an external stressor and removing that stressor so the body can heal. I’ve been helping EMF and RF sensitive people for several years now and it’s real and devices like smart meters, wifi, cell phones, etc. do cause harm to biological tissue.

Smart Meter Health Hazard

Part 1
27.44 minutes
Dr Paul Dart is an Osteopathic Physician who practices in Eugene Oregon. Dr Dart is also an expert on the health hazards of wireless technologies and the hazards of the so called “Smart Meters”.

It was only after Dr Dart offered to present his research on EMF/Microwave health hazards as they relate to Smart Meters in light of the pending decision that EWEB is making that EWEB decided to pay Valberg to present the “other side” of the issue.

Dr Dart was not paid for this presentation but did it for the benefit of the community.

Part 2.
53.15 minutes

In Part 2 Dr Dart sums up his talk and arrives at a surprising conclusion that many of us disagree with. He feels that EWEB has made their final decision already to adopt this new technology (have they?). He also assumes that the manufacturers of the Smart Meters will work with EWEB to come up with a safer system which instead of transmitting data through microwaves all day long (which is totally unnecessary and the source of the health hazard) only transmits data once every two weeks or so with all of the data from the past two weeks.

While this might sound good on paper I personally don’t see these companies actually changing their technology to adapt to such a fantasy. It’s also only solving the health effects question and there are a number of other issues with Smart Meters and adopting the “Smart Grid” into our local community.

Myself and many others in our community are pushing instead for a moratorium of 5 years to see where the research ends up with this technology.

The Great Smart Meter Swindle

12.08 minutes