Australian man guilty of using cellphone while riding horse because he didn’t have a hands-free device

You just could not make this up!

A man in Australia has pleaded guilty to a charge of talking on a hand-held cellphone while riding a horse.

The case involved a 30-year-old man in New South Wales, according to reports.

He and the horse were stopped by police after he was seen holding a cellphone to his ear while riding on a rural road in October, the Tenterfield Star reported.

The Mudgee Local Court magistrate judge said “under the road rules a horse is a vehicle…and he didn’t have a hands-free device fitted to the horse,” the paper reported.

“I’ve had someone charged with being drunk on a horse before – but just one,” the judge said after admitting this case was a first for him.

The defense lawyer, Tim Cain, said his client was pleading guilty “because he concedes that the horse was in motion.”

He called the matter “trivial – in the extreme,” according to the paper.

“Especially in a rural area where animals are a form of transport,” Cain said.

The man was told the charge would be expunged from his record if he stays out of trouble for three months, the paper reported. WHY BOTHER IN THE FIRST PLACE?