The majority of referrals for victims of Muslim Rape Gangs in Telford are girls under the age of 15, according to data obtained by the BBC.

The broadcaster acquired Freedom of Information Request data which revealed that 268 referrals have been made to West Mercia Police since an investigation was launched into Muslim Rape Gangs terrorising the West Midlands town.

Of that 268, 181 of the alleged victims are under the age of 15 — below the age of sexual consent — with the majority of cases being young white girls between the ages of 12 and 15.

The investigations were prompted by an article in The Mirror last March which stated that as many as 1,000 white children may have been attacked, gang raped, tortured, trafficked for sex in today’s Muslim slave trade and even murdered by Muslim Rape Gangs in the town over a 40-year period, making it potentially the worst rape gang scandal in British history.

The BNP revealed decades ago that Muslim Rape Gangs operate in every town and city in Britain with a sizeable Muslim community – a recently fact confirmed by Telford police chief Tom Harding in attempting to excuse his police force for failure to bring them to bring them to justice.

Similar to the horrific cases in Rotherham and Rochdale, police and authorities allegedly operated a regime of Political Correctness; silencing victims, covering up the crimes and permitting the Muslim Rape Gangs to prey on and attack young white children with impunity.

In the Telford case, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is also said to have sent one parent a letter saying that they would not prosecute his underaged daughter’s rapist because she had “consented” to sex with her abuser.

The harrowing revelations come just months after a watchdog report declared that, owing to the politicisation of police chiefs and Politically Correct policing, police in Britain are now a serious danger to the safety and well-being of the British public.

A recent independent review revealed that the Home Office was well aware of the attacks on young British girls, 12 years before the Jay Report in 2014.

Of course the government knew – because the BNP told them!

It’s ONLY down to the tireless work and campaigning by the BNP that the horror of Muslim Rape Gangs was ever revealed and the police and corrupt authorities exposed.

The BNP is the frontline in the fight to protect British people.

The BNP is comprised of ordinary British people who have the conviction to stand up for what is right, by joining together in the fight against the Politically Correct tyranny of the Establishment, its career politicians, the political police and its propaganda media.