Boris Johnson’s deal is not Brexit

It is essentially Theresa May’s appalling deal reheated. Boris is trying to sell us a second-hand car – he’s polished the bonnet a bit, but underneath it’s still Mrs May’s terrible treaty. It will tie us to EU rules for years on everything from financial services to fishing.

The General Election gives us a chance to press the reset button.

I urge the Prime Minister to reconsider and drop the deal because it’s not Brexit. If he does then I am more than willing to compromise too and put country before party.

If Boris goes for a Free Trade Agreement with the EU, we will back it.

A simple FTA should be agreed by July 1st, 2020. That must mean no new EU Treaty. No new negotiations on the impossible basis of Msr Barnier’s Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration. No signing us up to any political linkage to the EU or the authority of EU courts.

On that basis we can form a Leave alliance for the General Election.

It would involve not only the Conservatives and The Brexit Party, but some Labour Brexiteers too. A Leave alliance can win a big majority in Parliament and get a real Brexit done. There are around 150 seats in Leave-voting areas where the Conservatives have never won and they won’t win this time. Only The Brexit Party can beat Corbyn’s Remainer Labour in those seats.

From Nigel Farage