Bratty US Women’s Soccer Team Whine About World Cup “Pay Gap”

The man-hating dykes representing the USA for women’s international soccer couldn’t help but spread feminist propaganda during their run in the latest boring world cup tournament.

Instead of being thankful that anyone was paying attention to this horrid “tournament,” the ungrateful skanks did little more than bitch and moan about a “pay gap” between the men’s and women’s world cup prize money.

As Christina Hoff Sommers explained years ago, the reason the men’s tournament pays more to the winners is because it generates far more attention and viewership. More people want to watch and buy tickets to men’s professional soccer because it’s more exciting and entertaining.

Men are faster, stronger and more talented than women in sports, thus it stands to reason that men earn more because they generate more revenue from ticket sales and merchandise.

I’d prefer to observe a woman prepare me a sandwich than waste an hour and a half watching these dykes run around a football pitch, missing most of their shots and pulling on each other’s hair.

Most female “athletes” are insufferable manly lesbians who are probably taking testosterone. The ones who aren’t overt dykes have clearly been infected with the man-hating feminist virus. Females in sports are trying to be men, which makes them unattractive. Notice how they all usually have the physique of teenage boys with small mosquito bite breasts and no ass.

Why is it that these female professional athletes and movie stars have been coming out of the woodwork with this gender pay gap bullshit? They all seem to be doing this. I remember that slut actress Jennifer Lawrence was constantly whining about it, even though she made over $50 million in one year. That cunt’s phone got hacked and it was packed with slutty nudes that were released on the internet. Just put “Jennifer Lawrence nudes” into google images.

Whores like Jennifer Lawrence would not even have a “career” in Hollywood if they weren’t sucking a million cocks on their way up the Jew Hollywood social ladder. It may not work like that in women’s sports though, since they’re all dykes who don’t know how to suck dick. The men involved in women’s sports are usually beta whipped faggots who champion “women’s rights” because they’re making a buck off it.

The whole thing is just sad.