Brexit LIVE: Theresa May to face PMQs grilling as economic impact of Brexit is to be revealed

Theresa May’s rescue mission for her heavily criticised Brexit deal continues as she faces questions in the Commons before a trip to Scotland.

Throughout today experts will be giving insights on the plans, adding a further level of scrutiny to the contentious documents.

At midday, the Prime Minister will face PMQs, with questions expected once again to turn to her negotiations with the European Union. Later the Bank of England will reveal its economic assessment of Brexit.

Mrs May has continued to tout her deal as the best option, with EU chiefs saying much the same, ahead of MPs voting on December 11 to decide whether to accept it or not.

Eurosceptic Sir Bill Cash has backed Labour’s call to the Government to release the full details of legal advice on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

The veteran Conservative MP said the public needed to know if Brussels had a veto over the UK leaving any backstop arrangement in Northern Ireland, saying if so then we would “never be able to leave the EU”.

Downing Street has so far been reluctant to comply with a House of Commons motion ordering them to release the entirety of the advice given to Cabinet by Attorney General Geoffrey Cox.

Asked whether the publication of a truncated version of the advice, known as a “reasoned political statement”, would be enough for him, Sir Bill said: “Well it doesn’t look like it.

“The position, in a nutshell, is going to be about the question of whether or not the EU has a veto over our leaving the backstop in Northern Ireland.

“This is absolutely crucial because if that were to be the case and the EU does have a veto, then we’ll never be able to leave the EU or strike trade deals. So, it’s that important.”

In another interview, Mr Hammond said stopping Britain’s exit from the European Union would leave the country “fractured”, despite him conceding it would be the best move for the economy.

“We’ve had a referendum, we’ve made a decision to leave the European union, so that is what we are going to do,” he told Sky News on Wednesday. “If we were to, in some way, renege on that decision we would leave our country fractured.”

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has spoken ahead of a government report on the economic impact of various Brexit scenarios this morning.

He has backed Theresa May’s plan, calling it the best one for the economy.

However, he said staying in the European Union would be best for Britain in purely economic terms.

“If the only consideration, the only consideration, was the economy, then the analysis shows clearly remaining in the European Union would be a better outcome for the economy, but not by much,” he told BBC television on Wednesday.

“The prime minister’s deal delivers an outcome that is very close to the economic benefits of remaining in.”

Theresa May is to continue her bid to promote her Brexit deal today, as she faces PMQs before a trip up to Scotland.

In recent days she has been trying to win the public over to her deal, after consistently championing it as the best option for the nation.