Brexit Party support increases for a General Election and in Scotland

by Westmonster

New polling for YouGov has once again recorded an increase in support for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, including for a General Election.

When it comes to Westminster, the Brexit Party is now polling 14%, compared to Labour on 30% and the Conservatives second on 27%.

UKIP are on a further 4%, meaning the combined vote share with the Brexit Party for a Westminster election is at 18%.

Broken down, the Brexit Party have the support of 23% of 2017 Conservative voters, 30% of Leavers and are polling 19% in the South of England outside of London.

The hardline Remainer ‘Change UK’ are on a dire 3%. The Anna Soubry/Chuka Umunna alliance isn’t exactly surging.

Meanwhile when it comes to Scotland, the Brexit Party are polling 13%, just one point behind Labour on 14%. The Conservatives are on 10%.

Combined with the UKIP vote, Brexit is on 16%. These numbers would mean a Brexit Party MEP would be elected in Scotland.

With less than a month until the EU Elections, all bets are off as voters look to potentially punish the establishment parties like never before.