Brexit: Pussyfooting Around

By Tony Dean

Theresa May thinks she can pussyfoot around about a ‘soft Brexit’, we the British people did not vote for a ‘soft Brexit’ but a swift and final exit from the EUSSR in Brussels and we expected it after the counting had finished, why are we still in this new soviet?

We expected the drawbridge to be raised immediately the count finished but no we are told we have to wait for a ‘transition period’, just where did that come from?

We seemed to have signed away our rights to self-determination, our soveignty and our democracy and still the useless immigrants are flooding in whilst the government has consistently cut the police force, the coastguard, the immigration and border force agencies, all in the aid of ‘austerity’. Just where did this ‘austerity’ come from? The big end of town who line the pockets of both political parties with huge donations but of course expect their voices to be heard, not ours, and of course expect cheap labour to be allowed into our island nation without question to the detriment of our young people still looking for their first job.

Not to mention their first homes whilst immigrants have soaked up all the cheap housing that could be found. The future for young people is bleak as far as housing is concerned with councils selling off social housing and it ending up on real estate agents books within two years never to be recovered for the next generation. Short term gains is all the councils think about and to hell with the future.

Not only Tory run councils but Labour run councils are selling off our social housing stock at an alarming rate, soon when the older generation who live in social housing havd died off, their houses too will end up on real estate agents books and gone forever from social housing.

A ‘hard Brexit’ is what the indigenous population of Britain expect and want, the government of the day are not going to last much longer with resulting chaos and anarchy ruling our streets because of a few backward people who think they should be politicians and lead in government, they will soon fail.

If politicians do not listen to the people who voted overwhelmingly for Brexit they will never be voted for again, there are several other parties lining up for the next general election, shocks are predicted then which turn the tide of Britain well into the future, we have had enough.

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