Brexiteers unhappy with polling firm burying party as ‘another’

by Westmonster

Brexit Party figures have hit out at BMG Research for not including the party alongside Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats as a major choice.

The firm instead ask voters if they’re voting for ‘another party’ – rolling the Brexit Party into this despite Nigel Farage’s new group winning the European Elections and having led Westminster polls.

Farage hit out yesterday, saying: “Despite leading in recent polls and winning the European election (biggest party in EU), BMG Research don’t consider us a major party and believe we are the same as Change UK. This is more Fake Polling that should be called out.”

The Party’s Chairman Richard Tice also hit out: “More Fake Polling, this time from BMG Research who lump Brexit Party in with ‘other parties’ in their opinion polls. Clearly winning a national election isn’t good enough for some!”

Westmonster’s Michael Heaver, also a Brexit Party MEP, weighed in too: “Here we go again: looks like BMG Research asking voters if they’re backing Tories, Labour or LibDems, with Brexit Party buried as ‘another party’.

“Winning a national election and leading Westminster polls still not enough for parity with the LibDems apparently. What a joke.”

Another polling firm, YouGov, previously didn’t prompt for the Brexit Party  – but when they did, the party led multiple polls for the General Election.

Surely a party that has led polls and elected 29 MEPs to the European Parliament should be getting the same treatment by pollsters as the Liberal Democrats?