Calls for Electoral Commission to be abolished

by Westmonster

There is increasing talk that the Electoral Commission should be abolished following the successful appeal of pro-Brexit campaigner Darren Grimes.

Grimes successfully won his case against a £20,000 fine from ElCom, and in a statement afterwards he said: “The Commission still saw fit to issue an excessive fine and to spend almost half a million in taxpayer cash pursuing me through the courts.

“This raises serious questions about its conduct both during and after the referendum.”

Now today Madsen Pirie, President the Adam Smith Institute, has used a piece in The Times to argue that: “Sometimes a body is so sufficiently degraded that it cannot be reformed.

“The Commission should be abolished and replaced by a panel of retired judges, maybe five or six of them serving three-year terms, to oversee and monitor elections in the fair and impartial way that judges usually know how to do.”

The Brexit Party’s Chairman Richard Tice welcomed that call, saying: “Excellent plan: Replace the pro-Remain electoral watchdog.”

ElCom is now regarded by many Brexiteers as a blatantly biased organisation. Time for the chop?