Having colluded with Muslim Rape Gangs for decades, the police are now being forced to be seen taking action. Why? Because of the incredible work carried out by the BNP.

Last week, another eight members of a Muslim Rape Gang were jailed for a total of 90 years.
They were caught prowling British streets in what they called their ‘sh*g wagon’, hunting young white children to gang rape.

These monsters deserve to be strung up by the neck, but the fact that some action is now being taken is a start – and it’s all down to the BNP that action is now being taken at all.

The BNP has reported it for many years, and now we’ve even forced high level police chiefs to admit that Muslim Rape Gangs are gang raping, drugging, torturing and prostituting our young girls in every town and city across the country with a significant Muslim population.

By the admission of the Muslim Rape Gangs themselves, these horrific attacks on our children are racially motivated and a declaration of war against us, the British people.

It’s panicked the anti-British authorities into desperately trying to hide the full extent and true evil of these horrific attacks on our children.

The BNP is the ONLY political party with the organisation, courage and fortitude to stand up against the tyranny and corruption of the anti-British Establishment and expose these crimes.

Submission is NOT an option. We MUST fight back!

Thankfully, Brits are currently in a cold war mind set – the only way that we can prevent full-scale violence, with people taking justice in their own hands is by continuing to force the police to take action.

It’s vital that the BNP continue our amazing work by exposing the full horror of the crimes against our people by Muslim Rape Gangs, and we need your help to ensure we can do just that.

We’re beginning to win the decades-long fight – now we must step it up!

Our children are NOT halal meat!