By Tim Martin

A Deal With The EU Is A Trap – Just Ask The Greeks!

The public, MPs, businesses and the media have been the subject of a cunning plan by the
elite, metropolitan voices – which lost the referendum.

The cunning plan, swallowed whole by the hapless Theresa May, is that leaving the EU
without a ‘deal’ is a’cliff edge’ a ‘leap in the dark’ is a ‘walk in a firey inferno’ — or whatever.

This cliff-edge talk is nonsense. Everything you buy from the EU can be bought from the UK
or the 93% of the world which is outside of the EU.

Wetherspoons have proven this point. We took our third-highest spirit (and the top selling
non-UK owned one), Jagermeister, as an experiment – and replaced it with the unknown
Strika, from Chorley (Lancashire) which we buy at 10 pence less per measure.

The reduction has been passed on to customers, saving them about £1 million per year.

Sales of this category of drinks (‘Shooters’ – not everyone one’s cup of tea) have increased
by 10%.

It seems logical that, if you can substitute an almost unique, and incredibly successful
product like Jagermeister, you can substitute ANYTHING the UK currently buys from the

The Europeans are acting cool, yet I can promise you that they are truly terrified that
Wetherspoon’s actions will catch on – which they will, because they work.


Having successfully switched from Champagne and German wheat beer, some months
back, to UK and non-EU alternatives, Wetherspoon has recently replaced top-selling French
Courvoisier brandy with E &J ( from the U.S.) and the Black Bottle (from Australia).

Both products outsell Courvoiser in their home markets. These products, also costing 10
pence less per measure, are already more successful than Courvoiser.

We’re currently conducting blind tastings, among new-world sparkling wines, of possible
substitutes for Prosecco.

I,m sorry to say, since our Italian friends are even bigger victims of undemocratic
‘Europeanism’ than is the UK, that Prosecco scores much lower than is possible

Wetherspoon’s experience is the tip of a mighty iceberg. The UK consumer has the power
to drive down EU imports to the UK to zero — or almost zero.

And that is most likely to happen, unless voters see some political action to back up the
referendum result.

Parliament should make that a priority and get us out of the EU by 29th. March, next year at
the latest.

In fact many MPs and the occupants of No. 10 seem to have given little or no thought to
leaving, but are instead obsessed by the clamour of the CBI, FT, The Treasury and the Times
for a deal.


Actually, people who have taken the time to study how the EU’s protectionist tariff system
work’s really don’t want a deal. We want freedom and democracy.

The sensible public, which outthought the ‘groupthink’ of the CBI, the FT et al by vetoing the
UK application to the euro 15 years ago and which rejected Osborne and Cameron’s story
of an immediate post-referendum recession, as well as a plague of locusts, doesn’t believe
a word of the cliff-edge scare story.

And even if there were adverse economic consequences for a time, which we still want out –
so get a move on please.


The ‘deal’ is just a trap laid by the CBI, the FT and the others for keeping us in the EU. If the
UK wants a deal above all, negotiating power is thereby transferred to the unelected EU
Presidents. In effect, by prioritising a deal, the UK has enfeebled itself.

A general word to parliament, Whitehall, the media and the spin doctors galore – many of you
think that the public is a bit thick and many of you want to keep us in the wretched customs
union and a single market.

But the public isn’t at all thick and perfectly understands that the customs union means
staying in the EU by the back door.

Almost all MP’s were elected on a maifesto of honouring the referendum result.


The reality, which the public understands, but many of the elite don’t, is that leaving the EU
next year allows the UK, without consent of, or negotiation with, the EU, to abolish all the
taxes (tariffs) on non-EU imports, like oranges, rice, coffee, Aussie wine and a total of
12,651 products.

This will reduce prices in the shops, making for a better-off public.

Since the tariff income from non-EU imports is today sent to Brussels, there is no loss of
income to the UK Treasury either.

At the same time, the UK can avoid the payment of £39 billion to the EU which government
lawyers have said (*Brexit: UK could quit without paying .. say Lords 4th March 2017. The
Guardian) there is no obligation to pay.

Also, the UK can regain control of it’s fishing grounds, helping those coastal communities
sacrificed on the altar of the metropolitan EU vision.


The UK can thereby join the club of free-trading nations which which have slashed tariffs –
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and so on.

Free trade never made anyone poorer, as Alexander Downer, former Aussie High
Commissioner says.

Finally, former Chancellor George Osborne, recently told the BBC’s Newsnight that a
‘minority of people were interested in rather esoteric issues of constitutional sovereignty’.

In fact, the desire for self-rule and democracy is not ‘esoteric’ (ie the concern of a few)
Ireland, India, the US, Japan and Singapore, among many examples, have been extremely
successful after the end of what they saw as a remote or arbitrary rule.

In summary, the public has surely had enough.

The idea that our future democracy and freedom – carelessly surrendered in recent decades
by the political class – should depend on the outcome of negotiations with unelected
Brussels oligarchs we oppose is deeply offensive.

The cliff-edge nonsense is just another pro-EU shaggy-dog story.

It’s time to say goodbye.

Please have the good grace to honour the referendum result and your election pledges,
leaving the EU and the customs union on 29th march.

Tim Martin