Domain Names composed of generic terms and combinations

— dictionary words, random letters, and short strings — have achieved ascending values in the secondary market. (Ron Jackson) reports on his year to date chart, for example (just a random sampling from the charts) in August 2019 <> was sold for $300,000, in June <> sold for $30 million, in July <> sold for $1 million, and in January <> sold for $3 million; on his weekly chart for August 19-25 he reports that <> was sold for $93,000 and <> for $20,000.

Resellers of every size have inventories of domain names in some instances so large and varied they have become veritable department stores for every conceivable taste and possible brand. The magnitude of the reported sales suggests that businesses have come to depend on resellers than go to the trouble of inventing brand names from scratch.


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