Don’t Assume Tanker Attacks are False Flags

by Brabantian
The tanker attacks and the shootdown of the drone may be analogous to Pearl Harbor where the US goaded Japan into attack. The sanctions are exacting a steep price and today the US blocked President Rouhani’s bank account. Iran may be calling Trump’s bluff.
Russia and China are notably standoffish. The Illuminati may be setting the stage for a major war or even World War Three. Trump’s re-election may be expendable to the Greater Cause, Israeli domination of the Middle East, culling more goyim & creating Chaos. Never forget. The Illuminati hate us. Everything happens for a reason.
“The ‘false flag’ discussion is distracting us from the bigger moral point, that the USA massively blockading Iran’s oil sales and economy. This is itself an act of war and in this case an aggressive war crime.”
As we approach a US-Iran conflict, dissident thinkers have jumped on the idea that the attacks on ships in the Persian Gulf are ‘false flags’ run by US-Israel & allies in order to wrongly accuse Iran.
Given the long record of USA false flags going back to the 1800s, now adding the ‘Greater Israel’ agenda etc., the ‘false flag blaming Iran’idea makes sense.
But we need to take a broader perspective here, of what the satanic forces are scheming … the Iran situation may be different than most have yet realised.
Iran has been pushed to the wall by the years of sanctions that are starving and mauling Iran’s people. What we may have here, is something more parallel to USA-Japan in 1941, where the USA and Britain blockaded Japan’s oil acquisition, pushing Japan into the attack on Pearl Harbor, and start what the Japanese saw as a war of sheer survival.
The ‘false flag’ discussion is distracting us from the bigger moral point, that the USA massively blockading Iran’s oil sales and economy. This is itself an act of war and in this case an aggressive war crime.
Iran now is in a corner where it must fight back just to survive. Indeed, in both legal and moral senses, Iran has a right to fight back, and maybe they are doing so – as any of us might do.

Early 2018 – “If Iran can’t export oil no-one in Middle East will”Tehran warned 
Dec 2018.  Iran’s President Rouhani repeated: “If one day they want to prevent the export of Iran’s oil, then no oil will be exported from the Persian Gulf.”
April 2019 – Iran’s Major General Mohammed Hossein Bagheri said, “If our oil fails to go through the Strait, others’ crude will not either.”
Iran’s warnings were ignored … that is, until the ‘mysterious’ attacks by ‘unknown parties’, began, in May 2019 against tankers anchored near Fjairah UAE, and in June against the Norwegian & Japanese tankers in the Gulf of Oman … and in between an attack on Saudi oil pipeline pumping stations.
Now the world is noticing, at last, as Iran perhaps plays out the most dangerous game of all.
Iran fully realises the consequences, the risk of all-out regional war, and of millions of Iranians being killed.
But Iran needs to stop those sanctions strangling its people and killing its children. Millions of Iranians are ready to die as martyrs if it comes down to that.
According to sources inside Iran cultivated by senior mid-east journalist Elijah Magnier – associated with Kuwait’s Al Rai media – this is precisely what is happening, with Iran acting through proxies, seeking to make the shipping attacks ‘deniable’:
What is the reason for USA neo-cons to push for destructive war on Iran? There are several:
– The Greater Israel project, the Oded Yinon plan, the desire to demolish the most powerful of Israel’s neighbours – Iran
– Iran’s support for Palestinians and the military groups who have been most successful against Israel, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, as well as generally against US-Saudi-Israeli forces … this is the basis of the accusations that ‘Iran supports terrorism’
– The fragile state of the global economic machine, saddled with $250 trillion of debt, most of which can never be repaid, a debt house of cards destined for collapse not long from now … a big war is the best cover for the economic crisis, and also allows the Satanists to pick a more precise time of the collapse, so they can profit from higher oil prices etc. Iran here is the ‘right enemy at the right time’.
Also significant here is that with Iran being ravaged by the sanctions of the USA economic war … the EU, Russia, and China are not doing much to help Iran, despite the Iran ‘deal’ they all approved in 2015.
The EU made a ‘vehicle’ to transfer funds with Iran … but refused to protect EU companies and executives who would be attacked by the US government, so the ‘vehicle’ was worthless.
Russia & China don’t step up here either … when really, China should buy all of Iran’s oil, and Russian ships should protect the transit … Instead of banding together against the US bully, the East is letting this sanctions-and-war drama continue … letting Iran be starved and pushed into war … Russia & China allowing this satanic drama to play out whilst Iran suffers.
Iran’s government is itself a bizarre creation, arguably a somewhat satanic government imposed on a deeply-cultured people. Iran’s parliament meeting in a Masonic pyramid. Iranian society – with many practices of Islamic torture, stoning, flogging, amputations, slow-torture short-rope hangings by the hundreds each year – is hugely dysfunctional.
Iran’s Shia Islam, with modern technology, has created a strange kind of satanic experiment in family life, in large part due to the Shia practice of ‘temporary marriage’ for the weekend etc., followed by instant divorce … a kind of mosque-authorised prostitution for poor Muslim women.
The consequence is that Iran’s fertility rate is as bad as the worst of Europe. Iran’s millions of military-age men are not being replaced, and soon it will be too late for any fight … For Iran, it is now or never, and they must risk everything to even have a future.
Many Iranians are wonderful people, and good things in their culture go back millennia … May God help them, and help us all.