EU plans technological Irish border solutions

by Westmonster

The European Commission has prepared a dossier for European leaders vowing to solve the so-called Irish border crisis in the event of a No Deal Brexit, using technological solutions that have often been suggested by British Eurosceptics but rejected by pro-Remain figures in the government and media.

The Brussels volte-face will frustrate many following their stubborn insistence that the hated Irish backstop protocol – which would either bind the UK to the EU as a vassal state, or annex Northern Ireland – was allegedly required because of the impracticality of alternative technological arrangements.

The protocol was so unpopular that it led to Theresa May’s new European treaty being defeated three times in parliament, eventually leading to the resignation of the prime minister and a delay to Brexit lasting until at least October 31.

But today the European Commission is briefing that systems to facilitate the smooth passage of goods “can be implemented swiftly in the event of No Deal, including support from the necessary IT systems”.

Tory MP Steve Baker, one of the MPs who opposed May’s deal to the very end, responded to the news by saying “current technology and administrative procedures can deliver a seamless border and I’m glad finally we agree.”

The fear-mongering about a WTO Brexit gets less and less credible by the day.