EYE-WATERING salaries of top BBC presenters REVEALED

As you will see below we reveal the full list of salaries paid to top BBC presenters from 2018. We have been vigorously defending over 75s and also the wider taxpayers burdened with the BBC tax in their latest cash grab.

At UNN we create all our own content and still run at a considerable loss with most of our contributors surviving on getting our bills paid. This is not a plea for sympathy but rather a cause for celebration as we know longterm that new media will replace the bloated, top heavy disgrace that is the BBC, Sky etc.
How can people be on massive 6 figure salaries when all they do is read from a teleprompter? Others write the scripts and keep the whole operation ticking over. Of course at the top of the pyramid is Gary Linker and who couldn’t embody more the smug, liberal pro-Remain attitudes of the BBC elites.
Over 1,000,000 over 75s are former veterans. It will take 11,000 pensioners just to pay Gary Lineker’s salary, it is absolutely OBSCENE! If the Brexit Party or Tories were to be brave enough and included scrapping the licence tax then we are sure they would win a healthy majority.
Let us not forget as well that the BBC for decades covered up the horrific sexual abuse of Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and many more. It is a disgusting institution spreading naked propaganda and must be removed from British life or made to stand on its feet with no mandated public payments. Remember as well the licence fee is payed on already taxed income, it is a con that must stop!