Farage warns May: Brexit betrayal to spark backlash ‘like nothing before’

Nigel Farage has launched a scathing attack against Theresa May, warning she should not “underestimate the passion” of Brexiteers as a betrayal of the referendum vote will spark a “backlash unlike anything we have seen in the country”.

The leading Brexiteer blasted the Prime Minister for the way she has handled the Brexit negotiations so far. Mr Farage argued British citizens have seen their wish of leaving the EU in a clean and clear way snubbed twice – a move set to cost dearly the establishment.

He told BrexitCentral: “If, as it now looks, the trust the people put in the democratic process, both in the referendum and in the general election when both parties promised us it would be a a relatively clean break from the EU, is betrayed, then prepare for the backlash.”