Genocidal Hatred Now Extends to all Whites

March 6, 2019

(left, short video documents Cabalist hate of Germans)
I am either an alarmist crackpot or a visionary. My parents survived the holocaust by posing as non-Jews and my grandparents were murdered. I don’t want this fate to befall anyone. I am raising the alarm because the world is controlled by a satanic death cult — Jewish Cabalism (Freemasonry. Illuminati) — that is preparing another holocaust under the guise of a Third World War to consolidate the NWO.  This cult has a propensity for genocide and Donald Trump is a member.  When migrants from the Third World are flooding into our countries, when most TV commercials promote miscegenation, when an heir to the British throne marries a mixed-race woman, and pledges to raise “gender fluid” children, it’s clear the Illuminati are dispossessing people of European descent. Dispossession is the start of genocide. I’d rather be a crackpot but fear I’m not.