The Globalists need the Anti Globalists to use for their protests and from “Occupy” onwards the protests advance the goals of “Sustainable Development” and the UN Agenda 2030 Global Action Plan.

The shows look at the Globalist manufactured protests such as “Extinction Rebellion”, following on from our recent reports and how a network of NGO’s, Think Tanks and Change Agents control the narrative of public opinion.

Mark Windows and Piers Corbyn with Sandi Adams and Frances Leader discuss the background of these Fake Protests and the techniques used which are repetitive and predictable. The financing of these agents of change is also looked into.

Extinction Rebellion Organizers at Bristol Council :

Bristol City Council Climate Emergency Debate 13-11-18 (

Extinction Rebellion is…

Julian Roger Hallam an academic studying activist group-behaviour and ‘conditional acceptance in activism’, feeding what he learns back into the academic-intelligence apparatus.

Gail Bradbook (black/white photo) former director, now in charge of programme development @ Citizens Online, where she “consults with a wide range of clients such as EE and the Cabinet Office”, working with Richard Henry Coleman (former oil company exec & director of Exxonmobil) as well as Lord Anthony Tudor St John who’s heavily invested in the same telecomms and aerospace industries who stand to make billions from the 5G roll-out -being promoted by ER (under the auspices of UN Agenda21)

George Barda an infamous ‘professional activist’ (spook) who’s brother Henry Lloyd Blackmore Barda , manages “upstream risk management” for BP. George and Gail are “compassionate revolution” – a group that attends activist gatherings, collecting names for Julian’s ‘conditional acceptance’ research. George Barda involved in previous state and intelligence backed “Activism”

Extinction have raised over £85,000 so far – the question is, will this be spent on anti-fracking campaigns, or on astro-turf (fake grass-roots) campaigns which instead promote the UN’s CO2 non-sense, and further the aims of Agenda21/ 2030?

Extinction fund:

“This Livestreamer said today that she is willing to give up every day of her life for the cause. She looks extremely well polished… who feeds her, how does she live… who is paying her to front this?” Denise Patton

“Worth reading before you think about joining the Extinction Rebellion or adding to their massive £82,000 funds raised online! Please share so that we can inform our friends and avoid being sucked into the latest controlled opposition operation.” Frances Leader

This is from an independent journalist who has contacted us.

This is a summary of what I have gleaned about Extinction Rebellion to date:

The Core People at the heart of the organisation have been secretive. There is a lack of openness, accountability, and transparency. This is disturbing at the heart of the Green Movement.

I’ve had to work very hard for any of their names to be disclosed to myself. In terms of openness and accountability this is very poor practise.

We know Roger Hallam (aka Julian Roger Hallam) is a founder of Extinction Rebellion, along with Gail Bradbrook (Director Compassionate:Rebellion Ltd). The reluctance of the core to reveal their identities has for me been disturbing, and all the more strange, given that their names have appeared in a Times article (17/11/2018),

‘White collar eco-warriors to spread chaos’, The names revealed by the Times are: Gail Bradbrook, Ronan McNern, Roger Hallam, Stuart Basden, and Simon Bramwell

We know that Extinction Rebellion was the ‘brain child’ of Rising Up, a group based in Stroud, where curiously Ecotricity has twenty-one companies based.

We know ER is crowd source funding through a platform called Fundrazr

Many of the donations are anonymous, so we don’t know in many cases really where the money is coming from.
This begs the question, where is the anonymous money coming from, and are some of the anonymous contributions coming from the same source funders, making multiple donations?

To date 29/11/18 ER has raised £87.003 (3.30pm). We know the Campaign Owner on the crowd funding website is Rising Up, and the ‘Funds managed by Rising Up!’, and we know the holding company for Rising Up, is Compassionate:Rebellion Ltd.

The current directors for Compassionate:Revolution are Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook, and George William Blackmore Barda. Dr Gail Bradbrook is also company Secretary. The Company has two shareholders, Gail Bradbrook and George Bard.

Are proceeds from ER’s crowd funding going into the bank account of Compassionate:Revolution Ltd??
If not, where is the money going?

There are several questions which I have asked ER’s High Command recently.
There have been NO answers from them.
Let me remind ER’s generals sweating in their bunkers what the questions were, and add a couple of extra ones that have come to light.

Where is the crowd funding money going to?
Into which bank account is it going?
Is this money going overseas?
How is this money going to be spent and who will decide how to spend it?
Who are the ER’s high command, hidden in the bunkers with their hands on the pursestrings?
Who are they, and who are they accountable to?

With respect to Extinction Rebellion’s spokesperson on Julian Langer’s Feral Blog
(, we still don’t know his/her identity?

Marijn van de Geer wrote to this list (22/11) and stated, “The quote you are so concerned about (“We then aim to create a WW2-style mass mobilisation of the public to address the crisis through heavy investment in renewables, city-wide planning and full employment in developing a more sustainable society.”) is not correct.

Marijn, do you know why Julian Langer has not replied to your email enquiry yet?

If Marijn’s statement is correct, and I believe that to be true, why has ER’s Executive left these statements standing when they are “not correct’?

What is the problem with Extinction Rebellion’s Commanders?

I’m curious too? Has someone subtly changed ER’s fundraising page on Fundrazr?

In a previous email I wrote 23rd November, I wrote, “the fund will help our core organiser to….” Who’s that?”

Now the same ER fundraising page ( says,
“This fund helps us disrupt……”

OK, Who’s us?

Who changed the page and why?

The lack of transparency within Extinction Rebellion is making ER’s flag look rather grubby and possibly, ‘well dodgy’.

Curious too…On my last visit to ER Fundrazr page I think the total had gone down a bit.
Are some people starting to withdraw their money?
Finally, let me make it clear to all the ER troops who have taken part in the demos in London.
You are great, and I love you all, for your good heart, good intent, bravery, honesty and effort.
Bok Bok