HAARP Targetted On Japan: Tokyo braces itself for worst typhoon in 60 years

The Americans are again creating hurricanes around the world to see what devastation they can with HAARP which is a device that Nicola Tesla dreamed up at the turn of the century. The FBI confiscated all 50 tons of personal documents stored in a warehouse by Tesla when he died.

They have already devastated the Caribbean Islands and some of the East Coast of America and no one in the United Nations says anything about this mass destruction the American Government are causing.

The ‘tsunami’ that devasted fukushimi with it’s atomic power station, is suspect in this too. The radiation poisoning is still polluting the Pacific Ocean further and further, all fish stocks are not edible, sea life is being devastated.

Typhoon Hagibis was hurtling towards the Japanese capital with winds expected to reach maximum speeds of 216 kilometers per hour (134 miles per hour), Japan’s Meteorological Agency (JMA) said. It was forecast to reach land in central or eastern Japan by late afternoon or early evening, local time.

The JMA forecast up to 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) of rainfall as stockpiling had already ensued ahead of anticipated power outages.

Abe warning

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet hosted a disaster management meeting Friday. He said 17,000 police and military forces were ready to be deployed to ensure the safety of citizens. “The typhoon could cause power outages, damage to infrastructure and significantly affect people’s lives,” Abe said.

One death  and four injuries had already been reported by local media early on Saturday morning in the city of Ichihara, east of Tokyo. The fatality was that of a man in his forties whose car overturned, public broadcaster NHK said.