How your neighbourhood will change: From Slovaks to Somalis.

If the general election is a choice between Tory globalist greed on one side and Red Corbyn’s international socialism on the other, then the result in one crucial respect will be the same: the UK can expect more immigration under the next government.

In a research article published online by the University of Nottingham about how immigration influenced people to support leaving the EU, the authors concluded that:

“Most of those who voted for Brexit were aware of these local [demographic] changes and felt negative about how historically unprecedented levels of immigration were impacting the national economy, culture and the welfare state.”

Furthermore, the article noted how voters were:

“concerned about how migration was not only impacting their country but also, in some areas, producing visible changes within their local communities.”

Not only has Brexit not been implemented more than three years after the referendum, but the vital issues behind the people’s decision are disregarded.

We know that Boris Johnson has publically called for an amnesty for illegal migrants, his openly pro-immigration stance being popular in much of London, a city where white British people form a minority.

Your neighbourhood will change

In his first Commons statement as Prime Minister, he ruled out setting any limits on immigration.

Priti Patel, who resigned from the cabinet in disgrace in November 2017, was Employment Minister during the EU referendum campaign.

She seemed to support Brexit because it offered an opportunity to favour migration from India rather than from Europe, citing a shortage of Temple priests and kabaddi players as matters of economic concern.

She is now Home Secretary, and she is not going to set any limits on future arrivals.

The Labour Party leadership is promising a “great deal” of movement into the UK from overseas, should they be elected.

They are also proposing that the partners and families of foreign citizens living here will be able to settle in the UK more easily – potentially opening the door to millions of unemployable dependants seeking access to our welfare state.

And by how much would net migration rise if Dianne Abbott was put in charge of the Home Office?

It’s a frightening prospect!

Demographic disaster

Even if some form of Brexit does happen in 2020, we do not expect that it will result in any respite from the demographic disaster that threatens our very culture and way of life.

In 2017, the London School of Economics issued an academic paper confirming that Leave voters had more concerns about migration from outside Europe than from within the EU itself; the promise to ‘take back control’ created an air of optimism that sensible restraints on all immigration would follow on from Brexit.

However, the establishment politicians have betrayed British people twice over, not only by the failure to deliver Brexit but also by an inability to address the issues that led people to make that decision.

The British National Party will campaign unrelentingly for a proper Brexit and proper borders!