#ICYMI: France and Germany want an EU army, what could possibly go wrong?

The leaders of France and Germany have been calming the nerves of other EU members and talking about their plans to “refound” Europe. Don’t worry, it’s not like before, they’re on the same side now.

One of the big plans, receiving support from Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, is for the formation of a new European army.

M&M’s enthusiasm for an EU military force was matched only by the level of criticism coming from the US and Britain at the idea. Both expressed concern that it would undermine NATO, which has been attempting to keep Europe out of trouble for decades, largely courtesy of the US taxpayer.

The UK’s defense secretary called the idea “crazy,” and a restrained Donald Trump suggested that the French should be more grateful, and that they would be “speaking German” if it wasn’t for them.

#ICYMI looks at the strains between allies.

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