Iran urges Bahrain to stop facilitating enemy plots in region

Tehran has blasted Bahrain for hosting a so-called maritime security conference as part of its highly hostile anti-Iran agenda, calling on the regime in Manama to stop acting as “a facilitator of enemy plots” in the region.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Thursday condemned the accusations that Bahrain has leveled against Iran in its latest statements as well as the regime’s hosting of “suspicious and provocative meetings.”

On July 31, Bahrain — where the US Fifth Fleet is based — hosted a conference on “maritime security” in the Persian Gulf, after a number of mysterious attacks in the strategic waters, which Washington has blamed on Iran, without offering any credible evidence.

The monarchy, in a statement on the meeting, slammed what it called “repeated attacks and unacceptable practices of Iran.” Manama did not release details on who participated in the conference, but British media reported that the UK had called for a meeting with the participation of other European countries and the United States.

Manama also plans to co-host another anti-Iran international meetingwith the US likely in late October with a focus on what the kingdom and its allies call “Iranian threats” to the security of navigation in the Persian Gulf. The forum would be a follow-up to the February hostile meeting co-hosted by the US and Poland in Warsaw against Iran.

Mousavi went on to say, “Such meetings are a step towards disrupting stability and security and paving the way for the interference of extra-regional forces and Israel in the Persian Gulf region.”

Bahrain had in June hosted a Washington-sponsored conference amid at advancing US President Donald Trump’s contentious deal on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That forum was boycotted by all Palestinian groups, who have already rejected Trump’s pro-Israel deal.

Mousavi further urged Manama to stop its “unwise” measures and adopt a “constructive approach” in dealing with regional issues instead of organizing such meetings.

Bahrain, he added, needs to avoid “serving as the facilitator of common enemies’ goals and plots in the region.”

“The security of regional countries is indivisible,” he said. “It is impossible for certain [parties] to enjoy security at the expense of others’ insecurity.”

The Iranian official further advised the regional states to prevent the outsiders from creating tensions in the region by interfering in its affairs.


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