Ireland Lands Crushing Blow On Israeli Illegal Settlement Trade

The Irish Senate have voted in favor of a bill, which if drafted into legislation, will criminalize the purchase of goods from Israeli Settlements in the West Bank.

Yesterday (11th of July 2018), the Irish Senate voted 25-20 in favor of a bill, which aims to criminalize the purchase of goods produced in occupied territories around the world. The bill was primarily motivated by an initiative to prohibit the purchase of products that come from the Occupied West Bank.

The bill still has to be passed through the Lower House, in order to be drafted into legislation. Despite having more steps ahead before its approval into law, the bill has gone through its toughest hurdle and is expected to become law.

There are currently over 150 illegally established settlements in the West Bank, all in violation of International Law, as outlined in the 4th Geneva Convention.

Irish Senator, Frances Black, who re-introduced the bill, stated that: “It’s time to support the basic human rights of the Palestinian people. It’s time for change.”

The “Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018” will mean for those who violate the new laws legislated, that they could face a 250,000 pound fine and the possibility of up to 13 months imprisonment.