Israeli Forces Brutalize Palestinian Villagers Before Bulldozing Their Homes and Misplacing Them

Israeli Regime Forces yesterday injured upwards of 30 Palestinians, in the Bedouin village
of Khan Al-Ahmar, after showing up with bulldozers in preparation to destroy their homes and
misplace the village residents.

The West Bank village of Khan Al-Ahmar, became a scene of Israeli brutality this Wednesday,
as Israeli Police and Military forces arrived to the village with bulldozers, an Israeli
court order to destroy homes and the intent to misplace the population living there.

A total of 35 Palestinians were injured, four of which were transported to hospital. Israel
media reports from ‘Ynet News’ claim that 3 of their police officers were also lightly
injured, this was as they inflicted violence upon over 100 people who came to protest the
illegal decision of the Israeli Court. Mickey Rosenfield, an Israeli Regime police
spokesperson, stated that 11 (Palestinians) were arrested for what he called a

Disturbing videos from the scene, as well as a plethora of photos, show Israel’s Regime
Police forces beating up and even pulling the hijab’s off of Palestinian women.

Khan Al- Ahmar is a bedouin Palestinian village, located in Area C (60% of the WB) of the
West Bank, an area in which Israeli Illegal settlers greatly outnumber Palestinians. Khan
Al-Ahmar consists of approximately 180 residents and is situated close to the illegal
Israeli settlements of Maale Adumim (Near Jerusalem) and Kfar Adumim.

Israeli settler organizations, such as Regavim, consistently pester the Israeli government
to progress with bulldozing what Israel demes “illegal structures”. The International
Community however disagree with Israel and propose that Israel’s settlements are in fact
illegal, along with the nearly 750,000 Israeli settlers living in Jewish only racial

According to official statistics obtained by the United Nations, less than 1.5% of
Palestinian building permit requests had been accepted between 2010 and 2014.

It is said that the some 180 people who lived in Khan Al-Ahmar, will be forced to move to an
area close to Abu Dis.

The UN as well as various European governments, are standing against Israel’s decision. A
tweet released from the UNSCO twitter account stated that “Such actions (to expel Bedouin
communities and bulldoze their homes) are contrary to international law and undermine the
two-state solution.”