Italy: Far-Leftists Arrested for Breaking into Public Housing, Illegally Giving It to Migrants

Police have arrested five members of a far-left extremist group in Milan after they broke into vacant public housing and illegally gave it away to migrants.

The five individuals, three Italian nationals, a Romanian, and an Angolan, are members of the far-left Autonomous Committee of Ambitanti Barona (CAAB). CAAB claims to fight against evictions and for the right to housing, Il Giornale reports.

Police allege that the group broke into uninhabited publically-owned apartments and then illegally assigned them to migrants. The new occupants pay the group between €700 and €1,400 in what investigators have labelled as bribes.

The migrants, who mostly come from non-European Union states, were also expected to take part in demonstrations against evictions and were often at the front of protests in which the group clashed with Milan police.

Investigators were tipped off to the group’s activities by a 43-year-old Moroccan migrant who had become disillusioned with CAAB’s activities and stopped showing up to demonstrations and meetings.