MPs voted overwhelmingly to back a Brexit delay which could see the UK leave in June, opposed to the end of March.

The Prime Minister is set to request an extension to Article 50, which on the 29th March would mark two years since it was triggered.

MPs also voted to reject a no deal Breixt, but this is not legally binding and the UK will still be set to leave on the 29th March with no deal if an agreement is not reached or an extension to Article 50 granted.

Speaking on the Peston show, European Research Group member, Steve Baker outlined how the ERG could attempt to stop Brexit being delayed.

Baker said: “It is still law that we are leaving on the 29th March.

“As a matter of practice unless the law is changed, we are leaving on the 29th March.”

Robert Peston asked: “Can you stop the law being changed?”

Mr Baker replied: “There are some things we could do to prevent the law going through in the time that is available, yes.”

Baker was then asked if he and the ERG led by Mr Rees-Mogg would be willing to prevent the law going through he replied: “Yes”.

So, it looks like the ERG is set to frustrate the governments attempt to pass any new law which would delay Brexit. Interesting.

Discussing the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, Mr Baker said: “If it doesn’t change substantially, if we can’t become an independent country, then no I won’t be voting for it.

“And I know I will have the support of all the leaders of the campaign groups out there because I canvassed their opinion earlier today.

“I asked them: in the light of this vote to take no deal off the table, in the light of the probable extension tomorrow, do you think we did the right thing yesterday?

“The leaders of this campaign, the people who follow the detail overwhelmingly think we did the right thing, notwithstanding this chaos, to vote the deal down – because it is so bad.”

The Prime Minister’s Brexit deal is expected to go to a vote for the third time some point this month.

Mrs May’s deal won over an additional 60 MPs in the recent vote but still struggles to see eye-to-eye with Conservative ERG members.