Jeremy Clarkson launches FEROCIOUS attack on Sadiq Khan erupting Twitter STORM!

British broadcaster, journalist and writer the exceedingly famous Jeremy Clarkson has launched a scalding attack on the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

The outspoken hosts of the Grand Tour took to Twitter posting to 7.1 million he said: “Sadiq Khan. You’ve f**ked London.”

Source: Twitter

It is not the first time Mr Clarkson has been critical of the London Mayor, previously taking aim at Mr Khan last month in a barrage of tweets Clarkson claimed the labour politician was ‘a complete arse.’

Blaming Mr Khan for the number of roadworks and closures in London the former Top Gear hosts said:“I’ve examined the number of road works and closures in London at the moment and I’ve decided the mayor must be a halfwit”

He followed up with a number of tweets the first saying: “Wait. I’ve just seen the mayor’s cycle lane plans for Holland Park Avenue and Notting Hill Gate. He’s not a halfwit. He’s a complete arse.”

He continued: “They’re going to take down all the trees to make life easier for cyclists. I mean, who voted for these people? Why?”

Source: Twitter

Responding to a question asking Mr Clarkson “what a sad little life Jeremy. Can’t drive around in your V8 Jag at 30mph!”, he wrote: “Nope. Have to be stabbed now instead.”

Many agreed with Mr Clarkson’s assessment of the United Kingdoms capital city and some did not.

Vicki JezzaBelle‏ wrote in response: “Couldn’t agree more. He also tried to embarrass the entire nation by disrespecting the American presence in 75th anniversary of D-Day landings. Regardless of whether you love or hate @realDonaldTrump the Great British public VALUE and APPRECIATE American allied forces. Always.”

Jeremy Clarkson

Another social media usernames Gavin Ross blamed conservative cuts to the police budget for some of Sadiq Khan failures he said: “You’re talking about the Tory incompetence that slashed his police budget, surely?”

Former 7/7 counter-terror detective at Scotland Yard, David Videcette questioned if the former BBC star would run for office, he said: “Just eleven months before we can get rid of the imbecile.

“Hope you’re standing in the race to be the next mayor?”

Mr Clarkson is yet to reply however it is highly unlikely he would choose to stand for public office given his extensive career in film and media.