Jew Censors Fail To Shut Down Alison Weir Speech On Zionist Parasitism

Israeli lobby critic Alison Weir gave a speech recently, telling people that Israel is a parasite nation sucking billions of US tax dollars every year to fund their ethnic cleansing project in Palestine. Jews threatened to protest the event and shut down this old woman who righteously hates these jews.

If Alison Weir is considered “controversial,” I wonder what they’d say about me if I were to give a public speech like that.

Weir is unfortunately a bleeding heart liberal who takes issue with jews being racist and murderous against desert-dwelling arabs.

She has dedicated her entire life to promoting the “human rights” interests of stinking arabs who jews seek to kill or expel so they can have more land space for the jewish race.

Arabs don’t deserve that kind of support, though. Arabs are just as savage and devious as the Heebs oppressing them. They’re just less successful than their Heeb counterparts.

Weir is a self-hating white woman who thinks that sand apes are more important than white people because they’re “less fortunate” than us. This is the kind of female fake altruism that has led us to this demographic disaster we find ourselves in.

The majority of these sand apes may be “less fortunate” than most whites, but when charity and hospitality is given to them, they turn it against us to do us harm. Just look at these unassimilated arabs and moslems in Europe wreaking havoc with rape and terror all across the continent. Sand rapists see these weak-willed whites as an easy target for the rape jihad.

We have to recognize that arabs and moslems are being used by the jews as a weapon to destroy the demographics of Europe. Any time spent shilling for the cause of towel heads is time that could be better spent alerting people to the plight of our own race which is being racially replaced by cave-dwelling taliban goat rapists whom the jews have brought here and unleashed upon us. Any second spent on vindicating Palestinians is better spent showing people that the jews are rabid hypocrites who want racism and tribalism for themselves, but racial egalitarianism for the white goyim.

Sympathizing with arabs is the kind of suicidal altruism that we need to deter in our own people.

Alison Weir is only useful insofar as she is alerting people to the dangers of jewish power in America that subverts foreign policy for jewish racial benefit.

Other than that she is an egalitarian crank who wants the same kind of hippy rainbow race-mixed world that George Soros wants.