Jewish Masonic Master Plan Includes WW3

By Andy
(Putin is false opposition. His deferential body language with Russia Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar speaks volumes.) 
“We are approaching WW3 which will be preceded by riots/civil war/revolution all instigated by them, boiled with deliberate financial collapse (possibly blamed on BREXIT – maybe a shock ‘no deal’ which is the fault of the British) and deliberate creation of tensions between Muslim and ethnic populations.”
Andy’s, History Follows Jewish Masonic Master Plan (I) can be read here. 
Makow Disclaimer– While I regard this information as important, I ask, “Why are they devoting so much energy to re-engineering, degrading and depriving us of our civil rights, if they were planning to destroy us in a nuclear war? It would seem that their long term vision is for a world police state.”  Humanity does have a future. Just, not a very good one. 
Andy: “It will not be a nuclear war of mass devastation, leaving parts of the world uninhabitable for long periods, rather a surgically pre-designed war, to gain submission to world government by the global population and ensure critical global infrastructure remains for them to implement their Technotronic (5G) slave system.”
I tell you, Henry, we are really entering the endgame at the moment. It’s timely to revisit the work and warnings of Daryl Bradford Smith. I reckon the interview must be one of the premier league interviews in radio history – imagine if that went out on MSM tomorrow?
It is important for the ‘truth community’ to see clearly regarding Putin, who for me is simply playing his part of the global script of the synagogue. In terms of his integrity, one of Daryl’s guests below said  ‘Putin’s rabbi’ Berel Lazar ‘had a problem with the police’ in the US for paedophilia/child pornography before he moved to Russia.
And Romanian Catholic doctor Anca Cernea states how the Russian Orthodox Church condemned one of his closest advisors Aleksandr Dugin as a disciple of Aleister Crowley;
– Putin wants to destroy the West.
– Confirms a nexus of operation with Germany.
– Supports masonic movements to undermine church andis a disciple of Aleister Crowley.
– Those in the West looking for allies against the ‘lost and rotten West’, ignore the reality of Russia.
– The idealisation of Putin’s Russia is a ‘liberal death wish’. 
– No justice in Russia for crimes of communism. No proof huge Soviet KGB structure has been removed.
– Russia is ‘anything but Christian.’
– Essentially Russia still a totalitarian state, propagandizing itself as virtuous. 
– Russia the most important threat to peace and freedom


I say with all earnestness we must try to see through the propaganda of the East. As I have related to you, they are being deliberately portrayed as ‘ goodies’ and the West ‘baddies’, as on the redefining god website;
I think we are approaching WW3 which will be preceded by riots/civil war/revolution all instigated by them, boiled with deliberate financial collapse (possibly blamed on BREXIT – maybe a shock ‘no deal’ which is the fault of the British) and deliberate creation of tensions between Muslim and ethnic populations. As the Vigilant Citizen murals depict;
 Then I think the excellent analysis of J.R . Nyquist comes into play (he doesn’t see the conspiracy of the synagogue, but his analysis perfectly fits the ‘East good’/West bad’ narrative;
“The next point to be made about Russian and Chinese war preparations is tricky. In the modern world, military aggression is generally viewed as bad. Those who start wars of aggression are said to be criminals. It follows that the governments of Russia and China want the United States to start the next world war. They want the United States to be criminally culpable. 


(left, Kissinger-Putin Masonic hand shake)
It is in fact, part of Russian and Chinese military doctrine that a future war will be started by the Americans. But do not be fooled. The Russians and Chinese will choose the time and place to begin the war. Through a satellite country, they will engineer an irresistible provocation (i.e., an alleged lunatic brandishing nuclear weapons). To this end, they have built up Iran and North Korea. We should have no illusions about this. America will be goaded into striking first. But the truth is, Russia and China will use America’s desperate preemptive measures to justify a much larger war of aggression; for the Russian and Chinese military doctrines only pretend to be defensive.
 In fact, both countries have built their military forces for attacking a distant enemy — the United States of America. One Russian military text states, quite clearly, that, “We believe that the main determinant in the attack is the most decisive operation possible, having for its purpose the total destruction of the enemy’s armed forces, and particularly the destruction of his nuclear weapons; that is, the achievement of results such that he would no longer be capable of offering further resistance.” [From an article by Lt. Gen of Aviation, G. Lobov titled “Comments on Types and Forms of Combat Operations,” Voyennay mysl, 1964, no. 11, p. 15.]

You cannot write such a thing unless you are contemplating a surprise attack; for the safest way to destroy America’s nuclear weapons is to attack them before they are launched. This idea is implied throughout Russian military literature. When I was interviewing the Russian military intelligence defector Stanislav Lunev in 1998, journalist Christopher Ruddy asked him what was the most decisive factor in determining the outcome of a future war. Lunev said it was surprise. Let us be perfectly clear: the Russians plan to strike first. Yet, this strike cannot be out of the blue.”

I wager that the recent false flag in New Zealand was not just about increased national totalitarianism, but in consideration of the WW3 script, it was also executed so that with gun confiscation, it will make victory simpler for China when she invades them.