Jewish Supremacists Behind the Great Replacement Agenda – TOTAL PROOF (BANNED FROM YOUTUBE)

Here are a few videos I made this year showcasing the mounds of evidence proving that Jews are massively involved in promoting The Great Replacement of White Europeans. Often, I am simply quoting their own words admitting what they’ve been doing to us.

Jewish Support for Mass Immigration Motive for Synagogue Shooter

Jews & Immigration – Mounting Evidence

Top Media Jew Admits: “The White Nationalists Are Right”

In the videos I carefully contrast the position of these Jews supporting open borders, massive immigration of non-whites into the West with the dominant stance of most Jews that Israel is to remain a largely Jews-only state and that non-Jewish immigrants should be barred and deported from that state.

The best video clip proving this rancid Jewish hypocrisy is called “Israel’s New Racism,” which was put together by a leftist Israeli Jew who has been campaigning for the “rights” of negroes in Israel.

The leftist Jew does a good job showcasing the extremely hostile attitude of most Jews towards Africans in Israel, including sitting Israeli ministers who openly declare their vigorous aversion to the Africans at anti-immigration rallies where Jews tell the blacks to go home. Other clips show Jews ransacking African-owned businesses and castigating other Jews who support the presence of the Africans in Israel as “traitors” and “nigger lovers”.

The negro-loving leftist Jews are by far the minority in Israel. Israeli government ministers have stated that Africans entering Israel are “infiltrators” that represent a “cancer” on Israeli society. A poll showed that 52% of Israelis agree with that statement, with 33% of them approving of violence to compel the blacks to leave.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the longest serving Israeli prime minister and chief architect of the American war on Iraq, undertook many initiatives to build fortified fences and walls along Israel’s borders, saying that the walls were needed to protect Israel from “wild beasts” (referring to the Muslims/Arabs of the surrounding states).

The Jewish objective is clear: promote and facilitate the mixing out of goyim races beyond recognition, so as to break down their unique cultures and identities, providing Jews an ethnic advantage over them as the chosenites maintain themselves as a cohesive tribal unit working together towards ethnic supremacy. Coinciding with this agenda is the maintenance of Israel as a Jews-only ethnostate where Arabs and Blacks living inside their borders are racially quarantined so as to not upset Jewish demographics. Those races largely serve the purpose of providing the Jews with an underclass of wage slaves doing the dirty, laborious jobs that chosenites don’t want to do.

How is all of this possible? How can Jews be overtly racist/nativist in Israel and receive virtually no negative press coverage for being so? If any white nation implemented similar policies to Israel, the globalist press would be hounding it day and night, and globalist governments would probably try to overthrow it. But Israel gets a pass. It gets this pass because Jewish supremacists control most of the West’s news media that tells us what to think on a daily basis, carefully hiding these realities from the goyim.