Jim Davidson: ‘Khan has F***ED London and I will NOT return!’

Comedian Jim Davidson has slammed the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, on Twitter saying that he will no longer be visiting the capital city.

The 65 year old Tory supporter and troops backer appeared to have had enough of Sadiq Khan being the Mayor of London as he hit out at the politician on Twitter yesterday.  The comedian promised to never set foot in the capital again as he claimed Sadiq had “f****d” up the city.

“I am never coming to London again,” Jim tweeted out to his 166,000 followers.

He continued: “Khan. You have f****d my home town up.”

His Tweet was not supported by everyone however as they thanked Sadiq Khan for getting rid of Jim from London.

One person wrote: “Brilliant news! Keep it up @SadiqKhan.”

Another commented: “Not much of a Sadiq Khan fan here, but if you actually stick to your word and stay out of London for good, then this is a glowing legacy for him.”

A third said: “Fantastic news, please don’t back down on this pitiful threat.”

While one fan added: “Great news! Well done @SadiqKhan I can walk the streets without fear of bumping into @JimDOfficial Happy days.”

Davidson appeared to note what he no longer likes about living in London as he replied to the person’s tweet saying: “You are welcome. Walk is the word. Don’t try driving or getting a cab.”

Davidson joins a series of prominent figures such as John Cleese and Jeremy Clarkson who have attacked the London Mayor for the way the city is going.

It is not the first time Mr Clarkson has been critical of the London Mayor, previously taking aim at Mr Khan last month in a barrage of tweets Clarkson claimed the labour politician was ‘a complete arse.’

Blaming Mr Khan for the number of roadworks and closures in London the former Top Gear hosts said:“I’ve examined the number of road works and closures in London at the moment and I’ve decided the mayor must be a halfwit”

Source: Twitter

He followed up with a number of tweets the first saying: “Wait. I’ve just seen the mayor’s cycle lane plans for Holland Park Avenue and Notting Hill Gate. He’s not a halfwit. He’s a complete arse.”

He continued: “They’re going to take down all the trees to make life easier for cyclists. I mean, who voted for these people? Why?”

Crime in London is now at record levels with Rapes, Stabbings, Moped Attacks, Shootings, Murders and more reaching record levels.