Johnson ‘wants to hold early election’

by Westmonster

There are reports this morning that the man likely to become the next Conservative Party Leader is keen to hold an early General Election.

Boris Johnson is rumoured to be looking at the possibility whilst Jeremy Corbyn is still leading the Labour Party.

The Times report that Sir Edward Lister, who will be overseeing Johnson’s operation, is planning to get the outfit election-ready.

An ally of Boris has been quoted as saying: “There’s a desire to get this done while Corbyn is still around. Labour is utterly divided – Brexit is killing them. Labour is in no fit state to fight a General Election.”

Whilst another said: “Jeremy Corbyn being opposition leader is a positive for us. It means we don’t have to spend time doing the groundwork we’ve already done on him on his successor.”

It is an intriguing possibility and much would depend on the context of whether Boris actually delivers the UK’s exit from the EU as he has promised at the end of October.

A recent poll put the Tories and Brexit Party polling in first and and second place. An interesting few months ahead.