Kevin Barrett- Zionist Terror Pits Christians Vs Muslims

(February and March 2019 witnessed a record 47 attacks on Catholic sites in Europe)

By Kevin Barrett,


Western culture, like every culture, is held together by religion. That source of social cohesion is under attack. A cabal of Satanists, dominated by heretical ethnic Jews, has been waging all-out war on Christianity and Islam for at least the past 500 years.


Don Isaac Abravanel (1437-1508), Netanyahu’s family hero and role model, was the first modern Zionist. Abravanel preached a pragmatic plan to create a Jewish state in the Holy Land while taking revenge on Christians and Muslims by tricking them into fighting each other in an apocalyptic war that would destroy both religions and leave Zionist Jews masters of the world. A little over five centuries later, Abravanel’s plan’ hyped by Bibi’s father Benzion Netanyahu‘ is nearing fruition.

A key Zionist weapon is Satanism. Following in the footsteps of Abravanel, Shabtai Tsvi, and Jacob Frank, the Rothschild dynasty financed satanic secret societies, including the notorious Illuminati, to seduce Western elites away from Christianity and undermine Euro-American culture.

Today, NWO satanism is right out in the open, waging a massive campaign of anti-religious terrorism that would be front page headlines everywhere if it were being done in the name of the phoney “Islamic State” (a satanist group dressed in Islamic garb). But our MSM is pro-satanism but anti-Islam and anti-religion, so it hides openly anti-religious terrorism while hyping false flag “religious terrorism.”

Consider the recent arson attacks against black churches. The MSM was in an uproar blaming white nationalists’ until it turned out the perpetrator was a satanic terrorist not a racist one

A monstrous wave of horrific attacks on the most sacred monuments of Western Christian civilization is taking place with barely a peep from the MSM. That is because the terrorists are atheists, feminazis, pagans, and members of other denominations of Satanism.

The most heavily publicized terrorist event in history, 9/11, was a classic example of anti-religious terrorism. By disguising their act of satanic ritual sacrifice as a “radical Muslim attack,” the perpetrators launched a long-term war against the religion, culture, and people of Islam. And the folks they hoodwinked into fighting their war, the dwindling number of Western Christians, fell for it. Today, the satanic 9/11 perps are flooding Europe with refugees from their Zionist wars’another attack on what is left of Western Christian civilization.

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Kevin Barrett

Christianity Is Under Attack — Muslims Should Help Defend It

The media is in a constant uproar over ‘anti-Semitism.’ Attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions are always front and center, no matter how many of them are perpetrated by people like Michael Kadar. 


Young Mr. Kader, an Israeli-American Jew, was responsible for the biggest wave of anti-Jewish threats in recent US history. (Kadar’s Uncle Mordecai, a rabidly extremist Shin Bet black ops specialist, may have had something to do with his nephew’s rampage of false flag terror’an apparent public relations stunt rolling out a new era of pervasive internet censorship whose primary target is critics of Israel.)

Media hysteria over ‘anti-Semitism’ serves to cement Jewish tribal bonds in general, and support for Israel in particular. It does not weaken Jewish identity or tradition, but strengthens it. As the saying goes, ‘I’m only a Jew because the anti-Semite reminds me that I am.’ 

Most Jews are secularists and would have assimilated long ago if they had not been terrorized into clinging to their tribal identity by anti-Semitic threats. According to French historian Laurent Guy’not, author of From Yahweh to Zion, most those threats are orchestrated or provoked, one way or another, by a cognitive elite, the self-appointed Platonic Guardians of the Tribe, for self-serving purposes.

If the ongoing attacks on Jews have not hurt Judaism and Jewish identity, what about the ongoing attacks on Christians and Christianity? February and March 2019 witnessed a record 47 attacks on Catholic sites in Europe. Newsweek reported that ‘vandals have smashed statues, knocked down tabernacles, scattered or destroyed the Eucharist and torn down crosses.’ 

A civil rights group spokeswoman, Ellen Fatini, told said the attacks were ‘coming from the radical secularists or anti-religion groups as well as feminist activists who tend to target churches as a symbol of the patriarchy that needs to be dismantled.’

Unlike anti-Jewish attacks, anti-Christian attacks have not led to a resurgence of Christianity, a rebirth of Christian identity, or calls for a ‘Christian state’ to protect Christians from their secularist enemies. The world, hypnotized by the media, yawns as artists submerge Jesus icons in urine, pussy rioters invade churches, and so-called comedians joke ‘I hope the Jews did kill Christ, I’d do it again in a second.’


The ideological war on Christianity, whose most fanatical foot soldiers are the terrorists desecrating churches, is succeeding. A growing majority of Europeans do not attend religious services. Churches are being shuttered. In the UK, only 7% of young adults consider themselves Anglican, a statistic that would have shocked their ancestors.

Meanwhile, 6% of young UK adults consider themselves Muslim, and that figure is growing. Though the majority of UK Muslims come from immigrant backgrounds, a substantial minority, including some of the most notable Muslim thinkers and activists, are native white Britons. Ian Dallas, one of the worlds leading Sufi thinkers and activists, and David Pidcock of the Islamic Party of Britain, are two leading examples.

The vibrant presence of Islam in the modern world in general and the West, in particular, frightens many people. They wrongly identify Islam, a religion, with increasing immigration from Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. But those brown-skinned immigrants are as likely to be Hindus from India, Christians from sub-Saharan Africa or Korea or Syria, or Buddhists from Thailand or Vietnam. 

 in the US, the vast majority of immigrants are Latin Americans from Catholic backgrounds. In any case, most immigrants, whatever their ethnic background, are not especially religious. Religion and immigration are two separate, loosely-related issues.

MSM propagandists, including phoney alt-right outlets run by Zionists, want to confound patriots by hyping the ‘Muslim immigrant’ or ‘Islamic invasion’ threat. What they don’t want you to know about Islam is that Muslims are the world’s biggest potential allies of Christianity. Hindus and Buddhists have no use for Jesus, Jews and atheists detest Jesus, but Muslims love and revere Jesus. Given half a chance, real Muslims, the ones who pray five times a day and attend the local mosque would step forward to defend Christian holy places against pussy rioters and other vandals.

So who’s behind the Clash of Civilizations’ propaganda campaign pitting the Christian West against Islam? 

Nick Griffin, founder of the British National Party, has revealed: “We were offered big money by Zionists in 2007 under two conditions: That we attack Islam, and never criticize the banking system.” Once you know that and have discovered the real identity of the people who launched the Clash of Civilizations with their false flag attack on September 11, 2001, you’ll understand how badly Christians are being duped.

Muslims should proactively step up to defend Christianity in this, its hour of need. The world’s two great universal monotheisms must hang together, or most assuredly they will hang separately.