Leigh: Prorogue Parliament to force through Brexit

by Westmonster

Veteran Eurosceptic MP Sir Edward Leigh has said that he is “disappointed” by the sounds coming out of the Tory leadership race and has put forward his plan on how Brexit could be delivered: to prorogue Parliament, essentially terminating the current Parliamentary session.

“There are only two choices given the EU won’t change the deal and there’s no chance of Parliament passing it. One is cancel Brexit: an intolerable denial of democracy. The other is leave without a deal on WTO terms on 31 October. But MPs, assisted by the Speaker, will block this.

“Solution: End this failed session immediately within hours of a new government and prorogue Parliament. Leave the EU on 31 October. If we don’t, we are betraying our supporters and ensuring a total wipe-out of the Conservative party.

“We could probably negotiate temporary side deals to make it a managed exit (as former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King suggested). But Brexit we must on 31 October: deal or No Deal.”

Leigh other ideas include “no net migration into the UK from outside the EU area” and “scrap HS2 immediately”.

He’s right, this plan is far more radical than anything the Conservative contenders for Prime Minister have come out with so far.