Less than half of voters in Italy and Czech Republic would vote to Remain

by Westmonster

The latest Eurobarometer polling released by the EU’s own Parliament has revealed that less than half of voters in Italy and the Czech Republic would vote to Remain in the European Union.

Meanwhile in Italy, the Eurobarometer indicates that 49% would vote to Remain.

Whilst there are large numbers of those undecided in the country, it shows how support for EU membership is being questioned in countries outside of the UK.

There is only narrow majority support to Remain in Croatia (52%) as well.

Meanwhile, when it comes to whether the EU has been “a good thing” for their country, only 33% of those in the Czech Republic agree, along with 36% in Italy and 40% in Croatia. Not exactly huge support.

Bizarrely, the poll also finds that only 22% of Brits think EU membership has been a bad thing despite 17.4 million voting for Brexit. Okay then.

With EU Elections on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how debates on Brexit and the future of the EU play out throughout Europe.