Likud to hold leadership primary, perhaps in coming weeks – report

Netanyahu is said to not rule out party vote before new elections are called, as Sa’ar is demanding, but chances of that happening are seen as low.

Netanyahu won’t say whether he’ll seek immunity from prosecution

Asked by a reporter earlier today whether he would seek to gain immunity from prosecution from the Knesset, Netanyahu demurs.

“Well, you’re asking much more complicated questions, my young friend,” he responds to the reporter.

Asked whether his legal troubles were an impediment to him managing the affairs of the country, and especially the fight against Iran, Netanyahu goes on the defensive.

“Well, as you can see, I am doing everything necessary to continue the work of the government and the Security Cabinet, from which I have just come, by all necessary means, to preserve the security of the citizens of Israel and the things that are essential for the State of Israel,” he says.

“Whoever knows me knows that I am doing this. These are not insignificant matters. I am doing this in the best way possible out of a supreme commitment to the security of Israel.”

Backing Netanyahu, FM Katz breaks silence on Likud primary

Foreign Minister Katz, who has so far refrained from weighing in on the question of a leadership primary in Likud, tweets his support for Netanyahu.

Recent reports constitute “a bizarre media attempt to distort reality and label me as a ‘silent one,’” he says.

“From the outset I expressed my unreserved support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Likud’s candidate for prime minister in the event that another Knesset election is held, and against efforts to oust him by holding early primaries,” Katz adds.