Man-Hating UK Feminist Dyke Calls for “All-Female” Emergency Cabinet to Stop Brexit

A man-hating UK feminist politician has called for an “all female” emergency cabinet as a last-ditch effort to stop Brexit, citing females’ alleged “more trusting” nature.


Caroline Lucas has asked 10 female politicians from all parties to join her in forming an “emergency cabinet” in a bid to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Writing in the Guardian, the Green Party MP said the all-women cabinet could “bring a different perspective”.

Ms Lucas, whose party wants another Brexit referendum, said the aim would be to force a no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

She would then hope to form a “national unity government”.

This arrangement – when a group of MPs of multiple parties choose to work together and form a government – has not been seen since the Second World War.

In her Guardian article, Ms Lucas – a former Green Party leader – said the national unity government would “press the pause button” and organise another referendum offering a choice between staying in the EU or the government’s Brexit plan, whether that is an agreed deal or no deal.

“In my experience, women tend to be less tribal, they tend to find it easier to establish trust more quickly,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Imagine that a male politician came out and said we need an “all male” cabinet because men are more logical and rational (which is true) than women. He would be crucified by these femimarxists.

But femimarxists are allowed to preach the superiority of females and to openly discriminate against males, and these people are hardly even criticized for it.

The fact that a left-wing female politician is leading the charge against Brexit, and demands that only female politicians be allowed to decide the fate of Brexit, demonstrates clearly that these femimarxists are Totalitarian Psychopaths who don’t believe in “democracy” at all. These bitches want to remove voting rights from men and have all-female cabinets to decide matters of national sovereignty.

The UK public already voted for Brexit, yet these crazy women can’t stop moaning about it and doing everything possible to sabotage it. They clearly care nothing about the wishes of voters, and demand that the will of these voters NOT be carried out but REVERSED. Insane.

Why are UK women so obsessed with staying in the EU?

Because these women have a psychological disorder which tells them that the open borders and pro-refugee policies of the EU will allow them to have a larger sexual marketplace filled with high-testosterone negroes and towel-heads who will rape them.

These open borders leftist bitches are literally playing out their rape fantasies.

They want negroes and taliban savages to rape them.

These women are sick, folks, and we must stop them!