Negroes & Pakis Have Made London a Shithole

Paul Joseph Watson lays out the case that London is an absolute shithole thanks largely to unrestrained immigration from backwards third world shitholes.

Who can say they’re surprised that when you invite the third world into your country, they turn your country into the third world?

Housing crisis, sewage crisis, unbearable gridlock, overcrowding, price hikes – all of these ills have come to London thanks to mass immigration.

And all the stupid Paki politician running that place can say to the cameras is: “diversity is a strength”. Watson showed a clip of Sadiq Khan being confronted with the fact that all forms of violent crime have dramatically risen since he became mayor, and he had the gall to assert that London was “safer”.

This is like a tragic comedy. The globalist elite are putting stupid Pakis like Sadiq Khan in power as some kind of insult to injury against the white race. They’re signalling to us that our countries are being slowly but surely conquered by brown hordes of savages, and low-IQ fucktards like Khan will now be our masters, spitting in our faces with chutzpah.