Nigel: Brexit Party can help start political revolution

by Westmonster

With his new party officially launching today in Coventry, Brexit Party MEP and Leader Nigel Farage has come out swinging and argued that his new Brexiteer outfit can kick-start a “political revolution” in the UK.

His piece for The Telegraph also carries the astonishing level of public support already received, with more than £750,000 raised in small donations over the past 10 days.

As he explains: “No Brexiteer – least of all me – wanted to contest the European Elections on 23rd May. But from disaster springs opportunity. Next month’s enforced ballot will allow us to bring about a far wider change in our broken political system.”

With Theresa May having totally failed to deliver Brexit as she promised, Farage is holding events in Coventry, Birmingham and Eastbourne over the next few days as the country hurtles towards a lengthy Article 50 extension and the prospect of electing another batch of British MEPs to the European Parliament.

The most recent poll for the EU Elections already has the Brexit Party polling in third place against the Conservatives and Labour. Will 23rd May see yet another giant political earthquake and the beginning of a new British electoral landscape?