One Useless Government After Another In The UK

It does not matter whether the government ruling party is Tory or Labour in the United Kingdom, they are still all totally clueless.

We have no money for the defence of this island nation, the Ministry Of Defence keeps cutting defence contractors orders, they say they have no money to make Britain great again, and yet, these clueless politicians have the government sign a Double Taxation Treaty with 130 countries of the world so the 1% don’t pay any corporation tax anywhere in the world!

The last few governments Britain has had cater only for the “Big-End” of town not the general public who pay income tax every week through P.A.Y.E, which means “Pay As You Earn”, but of course this never applies to the rich 1% who run all the corporation in the country, only the working people pay tax!

This will lead to revolution at a certain time in the very near future when we will have a Republic Of Great Britain, and the useless House Of Lords is finally and utterly, demolished.

800 members of the House Of Lords is too much as well as thousands of civil servants to add to the wage bill to run a small island such as this. Not to mention 440 councils which could be merged with several others to make one big council in the same county. Cutting waste and duplication at a stroke.

Another wasteful organisation is DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority) who coin in several billions of pounds a year for the treasury from the general car owning public as well as small to large companies who have to run transport for goods to be distributed around the country.

Take for instance car tax, this you can elect to pay yearly or monthly for the ‘privelege’ of driving your car on public highways, this tax is totally unnecessary when the car owners pay 20% vat on the fuel to run the car! How much more tax are the general public to stand before revolution begins?

Are you angry yet?

If not then let me tell you more…

We, the British, have 15 tax havens in all sorts of places including the Caribbean and Jersey where we pay for the Governor General (appointed by the Queen) on an enormous salary (guess who pays it?), and we provide Bobbies on the beat to police the island (again at the tax payers expense,) we have Royal Navy Frigates constantly patrolling all these islands to deter any civil disorder or invasion (at who’s expense again?) These island nations were given full autonomy to do what they like and we the British will support them for life, including not paying a single penny piece to our treasury for all this protection.

There are an enormous amount of British bank branches all over these tax haven islands doing a roaring trade with tax avoiders overseas who run corporations with sometimes 5 ‘nominee companies’ behind each one so no one knows the true owner of the bank account, this would not happen in Britain it is a need to ‘Know Your Customer’ that puts these tax avoiders off nowadays.

And Prime Minsters cry into their early morning coffee that we, the British and it’s Treasury, have no money to fill in the potholes (tens of billions of them!) in our road networks. They will, at this rate, never be all filled in for the next 10 generations at least!

Are you angry yet?

Let me tell you more then if you are not….

A blogger (somewhat like myself) a few short years ago, used to work in the back office of the Treasury in London and was a qualified accountant. He said on his blog that just the Cayman Islands alone brought in 11.5 trillion dollars a year from entities overseas but of course it does not usually stay there for long, most of it is transmitted to other places in the world for investment in stocks and bonds as well as real-estate.

Now if you add up the figures of all 15 tax havens under Britains jurisdiction you get a figure of approximately 172.5 trillion dollars!

Has that wiped the smile off your face?

Knowing this, the last few governments we have had in Britain have done absolutely nothing about it! We are going broke! Others are getting rich on the backs of the British people! And the honest British taxpayers!

We need to get the 1% off the backs of the people.

Take for instance, I wrote a letter to the Prime Ministers office about car insurance, that it is a rip-off and should be abolished!

If two motorists have an accident it is no concern of mine, yet, I pay outrageous premiums to drive on Britains roads and have been driving since I was 16 years of age and I am now 75 years of age, and never had an accident in my life (I seem to be so psychic that I avoid the idiots on the road who are likely cause an accident),if two motorists have an accident, then they sue each other in court, that’s one of the reasons we have so many courts in this island nation! It is nothing to do with me! Yet it is costing more every year to insure my car! Why?

I will tell you why, because the insurance “industry” have been given carte-blanche to rip off the motoring public with no sign ever, of regulation to curb these practices of raising premiums when people had never had an accident in their lives.

One 17 year old lad I recently came across was a newly qualified motorist, he had just passed his test, and had bought a nearly new car with only 17,000 miles on the clock and subsequently, after trying so many insurance companies failed to get insured by any of them due to his age! This is outrageous in a democratic country such as Great Britain, it should not happen, he has not had the chance to have a accident yet! He had to reluctantly, sell the car! I sometimes think I am living in the Soviet Union of past times, this cannot be happening!

The letter I wrote to the Prime Minister was answered by someone in her ‘back office‘ and said in effect that we keep the status quo! (For the ‘big-end’ of town?), I see no reason to! If someone is injured we have a National Health Service to mend the hapless motorist that gets injured, this will mean they can sue for more in the courts, our NHS should then take note of the courts decision and sue the offending motorist that caused the accident for all the expense they have caused to the NHS. So, our NHS does not suffer a loss.It’s quite simple really! But this current lot in parliament will never see it as the general public see it. What planet do they live on?

Are you angry yet?

If you are still not simmering with rage I will go on…

In this day and age we should ban ALL political parties!

We should vote only for independent members of the public who want to represent THEIR constituency not be people who have been ‘parachuted’ into the constituency they don’t know and never lived there just to represent a political party. These should be people who were born there and have a long lineage through their parents in that constituency of city.

The reason government get their laws passed in parliament is by threats and coercion of the sitting members of the political party they represent. They are told by the ‘police‘ for the party, the ‘whipps’ as they call themselves, that if they don’t vote with the government they will be ‘deselected’ at the next general election and will not be able to stand for the party again. We, the British public, should be the only ones to ‘deselect’ a sitting m.p., no one else.

As we see though, parliament is not democratic anyway. They don’t have ballot boxes to cast their votes into, they have to line up in two different lobbies, the ‘Ayes’ and the ‘No’s’ and be identified as voting with or against the government. You can see lists of how each and every m.p. in parliament voted for or against a Bill. This is not a ‘secret’ ballot like the general voters enjoy when they go to the polls but an ‘open’ ballot for all to see how each m.p. voted.

The system wants changing.

There should be only ballot boxes which means no one will know which way the m.p. voted. This is democracy in action. Yes, it will take longer to empty the ballot boxes and count the ballot papers for or against a particular bill, but it would be democratic, there is no rush.

Someone said to me if ALL members of parliament are independents, then who would be the government and who would be the opposition?

I replied that there is no opposition!

What would happen when the m.p.s newly elected for there constituencies turn up to the parliament, is to be met with TWO HATS! One would have folded bits of paper with the name of a ministry on it and the other hat would be for those new m.p.’s to place a folded paper with their names in it if they wanted to be part of the government and wanted one of the ministries in the first hat.

All ministries being drawn, the new government ministers would take their seats on the Front Bench, all other m.p.s would sit anywhere in the house, thus there is no “government” or “Opposition” at all. Every m.p. in the house is equal to all others. Voting for a proposed bill would be by ballot box, the ‘Whipps’ offices would close altogether, no-one will tell m.p.s how to vote and no-one will know how an m.p. voted anyway.

This would be true democracy in action!

Written by Tony Dean